On the Wings of Dragon

Session 4
Dwarves and Drow

Session Recording

The party departs from the lair to follow up on rumors of a band of drow in Stonsund Mines. Arriving first in Stonsund and find little of note. Moving on to the mines, they meet up with Vistra who shares some information about the town and life in general.

The group eventually finds there way to speak with the drow and their leader Calram. They claim to be innocent of the crime of slaughtering the dwarves they were accused of, but the dwarves will hear nothing of it. Calram does reveal that he knows about the drow that attacked Bankston, and agrees to share the information in exchange for clearing their names. The party agrees, and after examining one of the bodies and speaking with the sole survivor of the slaughter, they set off to further investigate deeper into the mines.

Finding the site of the attack, they encounter and fight a couple of Ankhegs. Shortly into combat, a couple of fell taint intrude, much to the parties surprise. Nevertheless, they eventually emerge victorious and seem to have found the source of the attack. Returning to the head of the mines with a few of the bodies, they attempt to clear the name of the drow.

After turning over the bodies of the fell taint, they party is told to rest until morning, at which point the accusation will be reassessed…

Session 3
Do you think I'm crazy?

Session Recording

Returning from a journey with strange injuries, Irthos sends the party off to meet with an old friend, Orren. Proving to be strange indeed, Orren shared that dragons can in fact animate their breath into a creature with a semblance of life. He also agreed to share information on the Drow, providing the adventures completed a small “task” for him.

Sent to the swamp below the mountains, the party came upon Grislinbane’s lair. After a harrowing infiltration of the lair, they managed to make it out with a single egg from his clutch. Returning to Orren with it, they learned that Grislinbane had hired the Drow to attack Bankston. Finally, after speaking with Irthos, they discovered that Orren’s information was likely suspect at best.

Session 2
Ruin Ant-ics

Session Recording

Having rested, the party awoke to speak with Irthos on the events of the previous days. Sharing the information about the cause of the fire and the strange “elemental dragon,” they told Irthos everything. Following this brief council, he explained that things had been largely smoothed over with Leavenholm and Crimsontail, but that he had contracted out their aid to Crimsontail as a form of repayment.

The party made their way to the lair and encountered Crimsontail. After a brief exchange, they headed into the ruins to explore and discover the reason for workers’ disappearances. Along the way they noticed carvings of various dragons that seemed to be composed of pure elements. Speculation included that they were the predecessors to dragons. Eventually it was discovered that a colony of giant ants were living deep in the ruins and were causing the deaths of the workers.

A climactic battle with the queen then occurred in an ancient temple to Io. The queen was defeated and the party searched the room to find a large tome written in ancient Draconic as well as several magical implements bearing the symbol of Io on them.

After returning to Crimsontail the party was allowed to keep the implements and she revealed that Orium dragons could impart a semblance of life on their breath, and suggested that perhaps other dragons might learn to do so as well.

Session 1
We Didn't Start the Fire

Session Recording

On a pleasant summer day, Garth rushed in with terrible news. It seems some young upstarts from Bankston had formed a mob and gone to get even with Leavenholm for supposedly attacking Bankston. They had gotten far enough along to light a significant portion of the forest on fire and it was spreading quickly. The party was dispatched to speak with the Leavenholm council and investigate the fire. After speaking with the council to stall potential retribution, the party sought out those who had started the fire.

Coming upon a burned area of the forest, they found the villagers of Bankston in poor shape. Speaking with them revealed that (unbeknownst to the villagers), the attackers were actually Drow and the fire was being driven along by some unknown force.

Rushing to the fire front, glimpses of a strange flame in the shape of a dragon were caught through the conflagration. After a harrowing fight amongst the burning trees, the shape was seen flying off to the southern mountains. With whatever it was gone, the fire lost its intensity and was easily contained by the villagers of Leavenholm.

Dirty and exhausted the party returned to Irthos’s Lair, content with the protection of Leavenholm, but curious as to its real cause.


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