On the Wings of Dragon

Session 1

We Didn't Start the Fire

Session Recording

On a pleasant summer day, Garth rushed in with terrible news. It seems some young upstarts from Bankston had formed a mob and gone to get even with Leavenholm for supposedly attacking Bankston. They had gotten far enough along to light a significant portion of the forest on fire and it was spreading quickly. The party was dispatched to speak with the Leavenholm council and investigate the fire. After speaking with the council to stall potential retribution, the party sought out those who had started the fire.

Coming upon a burned area of the forest, they found the villagers of Bankston in poor shape. Speaking with them revealed that (unbeknownst to the villagers), the attackers were actually Drow and the fire was being driven along by some unknown force.

Rushing to the fire front, glimpses of a strange flame in the shape of a dragon were caught through the conflagration. After a harrowing fight amongst the burning trees, the shape was seen flying off to the southern mountains. With whatever it was gone, the fire lost its intensity and was easily contained by the villagers of Leavenholm.

Dirty and exhausted the party returned to Irthos’s Lair, content with the protection of Leavenholm, but curious as to its real cause.


Mckma Mckma

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