On the Wings of Dragon

Session 3

Do you think I'm crazy?

Session Recording

Returning from a journey with strange injuries, Irthos sends the party off to meet with an old friend, Orren. Proving to be strange indeed, Orren shared that dragons can in fact animate their breath into a creature with a semblance of life. He also agreed to share information on the Drow, providing the adventures completed a small “task” for him.

Sent to the swamp below the mountains, the party came upon Grislinbane’s lair. After a harrowing infiltration of the lair, they managed to make it out with a single egg from his clutch. Returning to Orren with it, they learned that Grislinbane had hired the Drow to attack Bankston. Finally, after speaking with Irthos, they discovered that Orren’s information was likely suspect at best.


Mckma Mckma

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