On the Wings of Dragon

Session 4

Dwarves and Drow

Session Recording

The party departs from the lair to follow up on rumors of a band of drow in Stonsund Mines. Arriving first in Stonsund and find little of note. Moving on to the mines, they meet up with Vistra who shares some information about the town and life in general.

The group eventually finds there way to speak with the drow and their leader Calram. They claim to be innocent of the crime of slaughtering the dwarves they were accused of, but the dwarves will hear nothing of it. Calram does reveal that he knows about the drow that attacked Bankston, and agrees to share the information in exchange for clearing their names. The party agrees, and after examining one of the bodies and speaking with the sole survivor of the slaughter, they set off to further investigate deeper into the mines.

Finding the site of the attack, they encounter and fight a couple of Ankhegs. Shortly into combat, a couple of fell taint intrude, much to the parties surprise. Nevertheless, they eventually emerge victorious and seem to have found the source of the attack. Returning to the head of the mines with a few of the bodies, they attempt to clear the name of the drow.

After turning over the bodies of the fell taint, they party is told to rest until morning, at which point the accusation will be reassessed…


Mckma Mckma

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