Continuing Mysteries

Elemental Dragon – Flames in the shape of a dragon were seen in the fire that approached Leavenholm, the “creature” left after the fire was fought. Images of similar creatures were carved into the ruins of Crimsontail’s Lair. According to Orren, creatures such as these could be formed from the elemental breath of dragons, however the live of the creature costs the dragon’s ability to use its breath weapon.

Drow – A group of drow attacked Bankston in an attempt to frame the elves of Leavenholm. Drow are known to take up contracts as mercenaries, but it is unknown whether or not this was of their own volition. Orren had information that the Drow were hired by Grislinbane, but the reliability of this is questioned.

Irthos’s Wounds – After leaving for a few days, Irthos returned injured and clearly attacked. Refusing to accept help or say more, it is unclear what creature caused the wounds, or whether they might attack again.

PC Mysteries


  • Claire knows very little about who murdered her husband and child, apart from the distinctive red scarves they wear. Although she would like to know more about them, she denies any desire for revenge, as her family is now in the “Raven Queen’s comforting embrace.”
  • Claire has, on occasion, searched through available texts for information on necromancy. She has found very little, and has said less as to why she seeks this information.


  • Hafnir holds a secret desire to find the hold of his ancestors, which has been lost since time immemorial. While there is no concrete evidence of where such a hold might exist, a closer examination of the myths, legends and tales of his clan (who still wander the wastes of Valen) might provide a starting place.


  • Sin doesn’t know what happened to his parents, but knows they did exist. He’s too loyal and timid to ask Irthos directly. But if there were some way to figure out what happened, perhaps that would be a good starting place.

Continuing Mysteries

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